Total Divas S6 E5 episode recap: Mother of the Groom

This week on Total Divas, one Diva experienced more drama than all the rest.

Maryse, wife of WWE Superstar The Miz was shocked to hear of the burglar who entered her home while she and the Miz were miles away taping an episode of SmackDown Live. Maryse’s mother who lives with the couple was frightened by the appearance of the burglar as she sat watching television. However, she was not as frightened as Maryse who feared that a similar attack would occur while the Miz was away filming his most recent movie.

Maryse decided that the best solution was to purchase a gun. However, her husband did not agree. At first, Maryse tried other methods of protecting herself. She invited her friend, WWE’s superstar, Eva Marie over to spend the evening and night with her on the first night that The Miz was away. Eva Marie thought that she would bring some levity to the situation by creating homemade booby-traps to deter would-be burglars from entering Maryse’s home.

Some of her brilliant ideas included, placing marbles on the stairs so that burglars would trip on their way up, and putting bungee cords on the door knobs to make them more difficult to open. The downside to this plan, however, was that the women could not exit the house themselves, and almost tripped over the marbles on their way up to bed. Eva Marie’s next plan proved to be more constructive.
Eva Marie suggested that Maryse take a trip to a shooting range in order to learn about various firearms and how to use them. Eva did this in spite of having knowledge that The Miz didn’t want Maryse to use or own a gun. It turned out that Maryse was quite adept at using the gun managing to place a bullet directly in the head of a target.

The next hurdle that she had to face was bigger than the first it seemed. She had to inform her husband that not only had she gone to the shooting range, but she had purchased the gun even though he had told her that he did not like the idea of her carrying one. It seems as though Maryse has not learned her lesson about making important purchases without consulting her husband. Perhaps she is operating under the theory that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

This situation turned out well for Maryse because when she informed The Miz that she had purchased the gun; he informed her that he had decided that he was going to get her a gun anyway. I still think that she was playing with fire by doing something that knew her husband was so strongly against. Hopefully she won’t make any more rash decisions this season. Meanwhile, another diva was getting used two making decisions in a whole new city.

Renée Young, WWE interviewer, and girlfriend of WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose, has officially decided to make her home with her boyfriend in Vegas. So, like any good Diva, Renée began the task of turning Dean’s bachelor pad into a cozy home for two, and once her decorating was done it was time to throw party.

The only problem was that Renée had been too busy to make a ton of new girlfriends in her new city. So, if you don’t have new girlfriends invite the old ones up to your place for a nice weekend away with their fellows. Renée’s plan seemed simple enough when she invited WWE Superstar Brie Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan up for the weekend, however, Renée should’ve known that wherever Brie goes her sister Nikki is sure to follow even if she hasn’t been invited.

Apparently, Brie decided that with Nikki’s boyfriend, John Cena, away filming his new project, American Grit, it was cruel to leave her sister alone in Tampa. While this thought was nice, I’m surprised that it didn’t occur to Brie to consult the person hosting them, namely Renée Young before inviting her sister to stay for the weekend.

As it turns out, Renée didn’t mind Nicole staying, but she wasn’t quite prepared for Nicole’s staying as she had been for Brie and Daniel’s. Brie’s oversight caused Renée to feel as though she had to rush around preparing for Nicole’s arrival the same way that she had prepared for the others. Here’s a little etiquette tip for Brie, the next time you’re a guest at someone else’s house it’s probably best not to invite your own guests.

All of Renée’s rushing around caused Nikki to feel extremely uncomfortable, further Brie didn’t allow Renée the opportunity to plan activities for all the guests to enjoy while they were in Vegas. She planned to take Brie and Daniel for rides on ATVs, however Nikki was unable to ride the ATVs due to her recent neck injury, and was left sitting alone while the others had fun. Because of her extreme discomfort, Nikki ended up leaving Renée and Dean’s house for a hotel room, which made Renée sad.

However, all was not lost, because the girls ended up having a great day by the pool at Nikki’s hotel. Another Diva was planning for a much larger event than a house party this week.

WWE superstar Lana was excitedly planning her Malibu wedding to her fiancé, WWE Superstar Rusev, however, there was just one problem, Rusev’s mother. Because Rusev is Bulgarian, his mother wanted him to have a traditional Bulgarian wedding in his homeland so that all of his relatives could attend.

However, Lana had always dreamed of a wedding on the beach. So, this created a lot of tension between the two ladies in Rusev’s life. Rusev complained that Americans have no wedding traditions, but Lana accused him of not respecting one American tradition that was important to her. Lana had always wanted Rusev to ask her father’s permission to have her hand in marriage, however, he had found this tradition to be silly and old-fashioned. However, when faced with having his own Bulgarian traditions ignored by Lana Rusev decided to compromise and ask her father very late for her hand in marriage. Once he had made this compromise, Lana agreed to have two weddings one in Bulgaria, and one in Malibu which will be televised on the season finale of Total Diva’s.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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