Total Divas S6 E3 episode recap: A Big Flippin’ Deal

Episode three of this season of Total Divas seemed to be more like an episode of Girls Gone Wild. From bikini-clad photo shoots, to biker chick makeovers, the women of WWE seemed to be out to live dangerously in this episode.

The episode began by showcasing a new women’s superstar, Maryse, wife of WWE superstar The Miz. Maryse has a soft spot for all furry creatures, particularly cats and dogs. Apparently, The Miz shared her passion at first, but now he is not content with the number of furry occupants of his house. Maryse didn’t share her husband’s feelings though. She seemed to believe that all The Miz needed was to behold another furry face and need in his resolve would melt.

So, Maryse went out and adopted a stray pup named Luna. Call me crazy, but I believe that any additions to a couple’s household should be approved by both members of that couple! Apparently, one mistake wasn’t enough for Maryse.

She decided to take her new puppy out to an event just moments after getting her. To make matters worse, Luna chose to do her business in the middle of the red carpet. Here’s a tip Maryse, next time you take your pooch to an event make sure she’s potty trained first.

However, Maryse wasn’t done deceiving her husband. After the Miz begrudgingly accepted the new member of the family, he got another surprise from his wife.

Obviously, Maryse is comfortable making all kinds of purchases without consulting her husband, because not only did she buy a new dog, but she also purchased a house without telling The Miz first. Here are some best murale design to renovate your home wall.  I understand that the couple had previously renovated old houses, and resold them turning a profit, but I still feel as though any kind of real estate should be purchased with the consent of one’s husband. I didn’t blame The Miz for his angry reaction when Maryse showed him their new property. I understand his reaction even more when I consider the fact that he was getting ready to leave his wife alone in the home for a month while shooting a film in Vancouver Canada.

The Miz didn’t want to come home and find out that he owned half the valley in California without realizing it.

Maryse wasn’t the only Diva who made big decisions on this episode. Brie Bella decided that it was time for a girls weekend. On this girls weekend, Brie was determined to fulfill every crazy fantasy that she had before becoming pregnant with her husband, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

For Brie, her crazy girls weekend to do list included a bikini-clad photo shoot in LA with fellow WWE stars Renée Young, Paige, and of course her sister Nikki. Since marrying Daniel Bryan, Brie has tried to stifle her inclinations to drink and party in favor of a calm environmentally friendly lifestyle. However, on the particular weekend shown, Brie had a little risk in mind.

She wanted to get a tattoo without even conferring with her husband. Also, she wanted to stroll around the pool area wearing a thong bikini. While I understand Brie wanting to have what she saw as one crazy last night of fun, maybe she should have considered the fact that her future child might have access to the WWE Network and be able to witness all her mother’s naughty escapades. Another Diva spent this episode trying to make bad girls look good.

WWE Superstar Naomi received some good news from WWE’s creative director at the beginning of this episode of Total Divas. She had been chosen to star as Murphy, a gun wielding biker chick. The only problem was that Naomi had a huge fear of motorcycles. Her only consolation was that her husband Jay Uso would be there to support her, however, Jay insisted that he couldn’t be in Toronto with Naomi because of his own work commitments.

In an effort to calm his wife’s fears, Jay brought Naomi to a motorcycle shop so that she could select gear for herself to wear while she was in character. He also wanted her to try sitting on and starting a motorcycle in order to allay her fears.

However, when she started the motorcycle she only became more frightened. After the disastrous trip to the motorcycle shop, Jay decided to let his wife test out a moped so that she would feel more comfortable with a large motorcycle, but this backfired because no sooner had Naomi mounted the moped, she crashed it, making her more frightened than ever.

She was even more enraged when her husband didn’t seem to take her fear seriously. To Jey’s credit, he did apologize to his wife by bringing her flowers and promising to visit her on the side of her new movie.

I can’t wait to see what adventures the Divas are up to next week.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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