Total Divas S6 E14 episode recap: Runaway Bride

On this episode of Total Divas, Lana and her husband Rusev had their second wedding. In the first part of this season on Total Divas, Lana decided that she would have two weddings, one that took place in the United States, and one in her husband’s native land of Bulgaria. Viewers of the show were enchanted earlier this season by Lana and Rusev’s California wedding. However, the lavish California nuptials paled in comparison to the opulence of the Bulgarian festivities.

Before the wedding ceremonies could commence, however, there was some drama. In order for Lana to get married in her husband’s Bulgarian Orthodox church, she had to first be baptized in their church. Lana was amenable to getting baptized, but she wasn’t aware that she had to be submersed in water several times and drenched in oil as part of the baptism ceremony. She was furious because she was uninformed of the proceedings, and was therefore completely decked out in full makeup and fancy hairstyle. She proceeded to throw a fit because the full immersion baptism ruined her looks, and stormed out of the church upset.

While I agree that Lana should have been better informed of what was going on in her baptism ceremony; I feel that her behavior was exceedingly inappropriate. The sanctity of a religious ceremony should take precedence over one’s looks, and places of worship should be respected for what they are regardless of one’s feelings. Not only did Lana embarrass herself by storming out of the church, but she embarrassed her future spouse by ruining the baptism ceremony. Further, I think she showed disrespect to her future in-laws by humiliating them in their place of worship and in front of the priest. I understand that Lana feels the need to be in control of all situations, but not only is that not how life works; it is not how marriage works. I agree wholeheartedly with WWE superstar, Natalia, who advised her friend to surrender and accept her husband’s traditions with an open mind. Once Lana took her friends advice, she ended up having a blast at her Bulgarian nuptials which included a dance party in the streets and a release of live doves.

Meanwhile, back in Florida, superstar Nikki Bella was experiencing some intense drama of her own. Having recently endured a major neck operation, Nikki has been eager to make her come back in WWE. Even though her neck surgeon felt that it was safe for her to return to the ring, WWE doctors remained unsure. Although wrestling opportunities may have been put on hold for Nikki, her agent was busy hunting down other opportunities for her.

Nikki was ecstatic when he told her that ABC’s wildly popular television show, Dancing with the Stars, was interested in having her participate in its upcoming season. The problem was however, that the live tapings of the show on Mondays would make it difficult for Nikki to make it to WWE TV shows and other events. Nikki was certain she could do it all, but she received a reality check from her boyfriend John Cena. He pointed out that if Nikki became injured because of Dancing with the Stars then she couldn’t wrestle WWE events, similarly if she got injured during the events she couldn’t dance. Ultimately, Nikki opted not to do the TV show and to focus all her energy on the WWE.

Eva Marie also experienced some drama with her family on this week’s show. She returned home just as her dad was recovering from knee surgery. She was extremely concerned for her dad’s health because he has also suffered due to colon cancer. She attempted several different measures to get her dad to become more healthy. She threw away all of her dad’s unhealthy food and tried to replace it with healthier options. She also tried to discuss retirement with her dad, but he refused to consider it.  Eva Marie had to be reminded that she gets her stubborn streak from her father and that sometimes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. There is even more family drama to come next week on Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.


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