Total Divas S6 E12 episode recap: Feel The Glow

On this episode of Total Divas, there were beach bodies, new entrances, and plenty of Bella sister drama. Plus, there was a little romance for Renee Young and Dean Ambrose on their long-awaited vacation to Lake Tahoe.

The impressive beach bodies were displayed by Eve Marie and Maryse who decided to take a Baywatch inspired photoshoot as a welcome home present for their significant others. The only problem was that Maryse decided to go a little overboard when making preparations for the shoot. She decided to go on a five day juice cleanse in order to try to make herself skinnier for the shoot. Further, she tried to make her friend Eve Marie join her in getting a wrap which caused them to sweat out some toxins causing them to lose weight.

Also, Maryse wanted to many props at the shoot and all of them didn’t fit in her car. Then, at the shoot, Maryse was so grumpy from lack of nourishment that she couldn’t enjoy the photo shoot itself. However, after a juicy burger Maryse’s mood improved, and she was able to enjoy the shoot. This leads to an important lesson for all my readers, never starve yourself for any reason.

Meanwhile, Marsyse and Eve weren’t the only Divas who were having a dramatic week. As always, the Bella sisters, Nikki and Brie were experiencing their fair share of drama.

Since Brie’s husband, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan had recently been named general manager of the WWE show Smackdown Live, and because of Brie’s recent retirement, Nikki foolishly believed that her sister would have more time to devote to their combined business ventures. However, Nikki seems to forget that Brie’s ultimate goal in retiring was to have more time to focus on creating a family with her husband.

Because of this, Brie wanted to spend as much time with her husband as possible, and was taking the opportunity to travel with him to the different Smackdown Live events. Brie and Bryan’s travel schedule didn’t allow Nikki and Brie to take business meetings together thereby making them look unprofessional to clients. The lack of professionalism on her sister’s part infuriated Nikki and while I understand her frustration, I think that Nikki should have considered that her goals and priorities may be different from her sister’s and that simply because they are sisters they do not have to do everything together.

Renee Young also had to learn a difficult lesson this week, the lesson is that you should never try to change a man into something that he isn’t.

During their romantic week in Lake Tahoe, Renee wanted she and Dean to have a romantic dinner similar to the one in the romantic Disney film, Lady and the Tramp, so she booked a fancy Italian dinner for herself and Dean. The dinner required Dean to be outfitted with a jacket, tie, and dress shoes which is something that the normally laid-back Superstar wouldn’t do.

Fans of Total Divas could tell that Dean was extremely uncomfortable in his new suit and tie and even more uncomfortable in the fancy Italian restaurant. Renee must have sensed this also because on the following night she took Dean to a dive bar and explained the situation from the night before. She explained that she had only been trying to create a Lady and the Tramp-like evening for the two of them.

Dean then went on to remind Renee that the romantic scene in Lady and the Tramp actually takes place in the back alley. So, it looks like Renee will be planning more back alley like evenings from now on.

However, the biggest news of the week is that WWE Superstar Naomi debuted her Feel the Glow entrance for the first time on this Total Divas episode. The new entrance was a big hit with fans and remains one of my favorite entrances to date.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.


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