Total Divas S6 E1 episode recap: Total Superstars

The Total Divas season premiere began right where the Total Bellas season finale left off. That show ended with the Bellas and all their friends getting ready for the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 32. Not only was WrestleMania 32 the most well attended Wrestlemania in history, but it was also the scene of Brie Bella’s final wrestling match in the WWE, as well as, Lana’s first solo wrestling match ever. As if all of this wasn’t enough to keep the cast of Total Divas busy, there was also plenty of drama to keep Total Divas fans on the edge of their seats all season long.    

While this WrestleMania should have been the most special and important one in Brie Bella’s career, the special occasion was marred by the fact that neither her husband, Daniel Bryan, nor her sister Nikki Bella were attending the event with her. While I understand why neither of these people would want to attend the event with Brie, I also think that both of them should have considered Brie’s feelings before deciding not to attend the event. To give Nikki her due, she did show up at WrestleMania later, but Daniel did not show up at all. Meanwhile, the rest of the Total Divas cast was dealing with their own issues during the week prior to WrestleMania.

Fans will see some new Divas who were not present last season. CJ Perkins, better known as Lana, made her WrestleMania debut. This was also her debut as a solo wrestler, as she’s usually partnered with her husband, WWE Superstar Rusev. It was great to see Lana come into her own as a female pro wrestler rather than just being her husband’s eye candy. Another new face this season on Total Divas is behind the scenes reporter Renée Young, who is also the girlfriend of WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose.

It didn’t take long for these new gals to become embroiled in the drama that has become synonymous with the show Total Divas over its many seasons.

While out to dinner with Maryse, wife of WWE Superstar The Miz, Paige, and Naomi, Renée Young soon found out why Maryse and the Bella Twins don’t socialize. It seems that when you make a promise to Maryse you’d better keep it.

Apparently, long long ago when both Bella twins and Maryse were first trying to make it in the WWE they made a promise one another that they would only accept contracts if all three of them were signed. Of course, we all know, that the Bella Twins were signed before Maryse, so, they must have gone back on their word.

Maryse has obviously never forgiven that slight on the part of Brie and Nikki Bella. I agree with Maryse that if one makes a promise one keep it however, that was no reason to try to turn the rest of the Bella Twins friends against them that was an extremely devious and somewhat diabolical move on Maryse’s part. Perhaps she is taking lessons in friendship from her husband who seems to be very unpopular in the locker room.

What happened next was a bad occurrence brought out of good intentions. Renée Young invited Maryse out to dinner with her and Brie Bella in an attempt to get the two warring superstars to make peace with one another. Nice thought Renée, but next time you might want to mind your own business as your good thoughts created an absolute mudslinging match between Brie and Maryse.

Some of the insults they were throwing back and forth between each other didn’t make much sense to me. I mean, I’m sure Maryse isn’t the only one who thinks she’s lucky to have an absolutely beautiful husband she loves. I don’t know if I would call The Miz beautiful but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Either way, I’m sure Renée now knows not to invite both Brie and Maryse to her next dinner party. I felt bad for Brie though because WrestleMania weekend was full of fights for her.

Whenever Brie’s sister Nikki did decide to join her sister for the most important weekend in her career, I think she should’ve brought a better attitude with her. Brie was doing some understandable venting about the fact that the weekend of her retirement did not go as she is always pictured. There was no husband there cheer her on and no sister to share her last victory with. From any other sister, these complaints may have warranted some kind or encouraging words, but, not Nikki Bella.

Nikki had to twist all of Brie’s words around and accuse Brie of not being considerate enough of her neck injury. I think that Brie has been very sympathetic towards Nikki during her injury, after all, didn’t she move in to Nikki’s house in order to become a personal chauffeur on a little show called Total Bellas? While Nikki and Brie were having a fight, another Diva was was giving a fright.

This is another story in which good intentions lead to bad occurrences. Naomi decided that she didn’t need her highly paid hairstylists for the week of WrestleMania. All she needed her good friend Paige and a box of hair dye. Paige definitely shouldn’t quit her day job to become a hairstylist. Naomi’s hair came out looking as though it had been dyed with Kool-Aid, actually three different boxes of Kool-Aid because it was three different colors. This is why wrestlers should just leave the hairstyling up to the professionals. Naomi had to fly her hairstylist in to do emergency repair after Paige’s horrendous dye job.

However, the best news the night was not about hair or the amazing performances of female wrestlers. It wasn’t about the debuts or retirements or even one female wrestler in particular. Just before WrestleMania 32 Stephanie McMahon made an announcement that would affect all Divas past present and future. The female wrestlers would not be referred to as Divas at all, just Superstars. What a huge step for the sport and all members of the WWE Universe!

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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