Total Divas mid season 3 finale episode preview: The Divas Are Taking Over


Airing head to head with Hell In A Cell, E! will be airing the season 3 mid season finale of Total Divas at 9PM EST.

The synopsis for episode 10, which is titled, The Divas Are Taking Over, reads, “The Divas are in the midst of getting ready for SummerSlam and Eva’s wedding day when Brie confronts John behind Nikki’s back, leading to explosive consequences. At the same time, Nattie is caught in a downward spiral when the truth about her marriage is revealed.”

This season has not fared as well in the ratings as the other two seasons with the show only getting over a million viewers three times in nine attempts. When E! aired double episodes back-to-back over the past two weeks numbers have taken a big hit compared to previous weeks.