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Total Bellas S5 E2 episode recap: The Book of Bella

More drama took place in this second episode of Total Bellas than in the previous episode. This proves, that this family has no shortage of drama with which to entertain us.

This week, the drama centered around the twin’s father. They haven’t always had the best relationship with their father due to his addiction to drinking. The twins have begun to write a book based on their lives which included mention of their father’s drinking problem, as well as their parent’s marital problems. Naturally, the person who is helping them write their book told them they needed to ask their parent’s permission before writing about them. Their mother felt bad about not leaving her husband sooner to spare her children the trauma of growing up in household where there intense anger and fighting that was detailed in the chapter on the twin’s childhood.

Furthermore, Cathy, the twin’s mother, felt that when people read the chapter they would judge her harshly for not removing her children from a bad situation sooner. I, however, feel that many of the twins’s readers will understand Cathy’s reasons for not wanting to divorce her husband until her kids were grown, as well as her concerns about raising three kids on her own and won’t judge her to harshly.

However, the ramifications of the contents of the twin’s book wasn’t Cathy’s only concern. She was also shocked to learn that her daughter, Brie, had been seeing her father without letting her know. Cathy exploded with anger and actually stormed away from her girls. As is usual with all Bella family fights, Cathy and Brie eventually made up, but, that didn’t mean that Cathy wasn’t still mad when she learned that both of girls would be seeing their father for dinner along with Nicole’s boyfriend, Artem. While, the twin’s father seemed contrite about his previous actions I still didn’t think it was really smart of him to pull out the strict father card by questioning Artem’s intentions with Nicole.

As far as I’m concerned, his intentions are honorable, and even better he seems a little more discreet than Nicole, who had no problem making overt sexual comments in a hardware store in front of elderly patrons. Nicole also seemed to confused about what she wanted with regards to Artem, while she had decided not to have Artem move in with her, yet she had no problem with asking Artem to help her fix problems with her new house. This help seems to for-tell future good relations between the two. However, we will have to see what the next episode brings.

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