Tommaso Ciampa getting NXT title shot at Takeover: Portland


Tommaso Ciampa was named the number one contender for the NXT title last night on the USA Network broadcast.

Before being officially announced as challenging Cole, Ciampa took out Fish, O’Reilly, and Strong backstage with a lead pipe, leaving them out cold on the floor. He then moved to the ring and set up a table and sprayed a big yellow X on it. Cole, who was attending to his team mates, walked out to confront Ciampa.

William Regal then walked out and said that Adam Cole doesn’t care who he faces at NXT Takeover: Portland and has already signed the contract. Cole then took the contract and moved to the ring but attacked Ciampa with the microphone instead of handing over the contract. The former champ was busted open the hard way and started bleeding. Ciampa recovered quickly though and powerbombed Cole through the table he had set up earlier.

He took the contract and signed the paper as fans chanted “use your blood.” Ciampa then looked at the crowd and wiped his face and smudged the blood on the contract.

This will be Ciampa’s first title shot since surrendering the title back in March 2019 and the former champion is determined to bring the title he never lost back home. Cole has been the champion since NXT Takeover: XXV in June when he beat Johnny Garagano.