Titus O’Neil suspended for incident with Vince McMahon


PWInsider.com is reporting that Titus O’Neil has been suspended for 90 days and will miss WrestleMania for putting his hands on Vince McMahon on Raw following the whole Daniel Bryan retirement speech.

The incident occurred after Bryan hugged Vince and walked to the back and then after Vince, Stephanie, and Triple H started walking to the back as well, O’Neil grabbed Vince McMahon’s arm and McMahon turned around and pushed the former tag team champion away. The incident happened in front of everyone and seems to have caught the surrounding Superstars and Divas by surprise.

The original video uploaded by WWE was edited to remove this part but the whole thing made the live broadcast on the WWE Network.

PWInsider adds that after O’Neil arrived at the Smackdown tapings, he was sent packing and told he was being suspended for unprofessional conduct. What seems weird about this is that O’Neil is considered as one of the nicest people backstage and is loved by all. He spends a lot of time working for free in his community as well.

You can see a quick video of what originally happened before the Network cameras faded to black below.