The Undertaker to work only 2 shows during European tour


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that The Undertaker will be doing a couple of shows as part of the European WrestleMania Revenge tour, three less than he was originally scheduled.

Apparently there was some confusion over his presence during this tour as local advertising has changed and his name was removed from the shows he was set to appear in. As of today, Taker will be working the Smackdown tapings in London, England on April 19 and a non-televised live event in Newcastle, England, the next day on April 20.

On March 3 it was announced that the Undertaker would be joining the tour and apart from the two above mentioned dates he was also supposed to join the WWE crew in Brussels on April 21, Paris on April 22, and Malaga on April 23. Those three dates have been scratched off from his schedule.

This tour has been somewhat of a nightmare for the company as Daniel Bryan was also scheduled to join them to appear at 5 live events including the Smackdown in London. He was removed from the tour and all his appearances canceled due to unknown reasons.

The Undertaker was supposed to join The Big Show in tag team matches during this tour.