The Undertaker makes surprise appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show


The Undertaker made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on NBC last night during the “Suggestion Box” segment.

Fallon was reading suggestions from fans and one of the viewers suggested that Fallon have Taker appear and Tombstone someone wearing a turkey outfit. At first, Fallon said that he has no clue how to get the Undertaker on such short notice but then the gong was heard and the theme song kicked in, with full effects.

Out came the Undertaker, who slowly removed his jacket, hat, and then tombstoned a guy who was dancing around in a turkey suit. The guy in the suit was none other than former Raw General Manager Brad Maddox.

After the stunt, Fallon tried to shake hands with the Undertaker, but the man celebrating 25 years in the WWE this month just stared Fallon.

You can see the segment below.