The Undertaker attacks King Barrett during Smackdown tapings segment


During the Smackdown tapings in Manchester, England yesterday, WWE taped a segment where it will most likely not make it on the final edit of the show featuring Wade Barrett and The Undertaker.

Barrett cut a promo in the ring saying how awful the past two days have been and he’s going to tell Vince McMahon not to ever come back to Manchester. The Undertaker came out for his advertised appearance with a complete entrance and in full Undertaker costume.

“Can I help you mate? You lost or something? You know you’re not in Death Valley California now, you’re in the mean streets of North West England, i.e. the wrong side of the tracks, mate,” Barrett told Taker.

Barrett said he built quite a reputation here but it was Undertaker’s lucky day as he has better things to do and when he tried to exit the ring, he turned around trying to hit the Undertaker but Taker blocked him and chokeslammed him.

Taker then delivered the Tombstone piledriver and with fans chanting “one more time,” their wish was granted as the Undertaker hit another Tombstone on Barrett.

You can see the full segment below.