The Undertaker and Mick Foley recount the untold story of their Hell In A Cell match

In a WWE.COM exclusive, Mick Foley, The Undertaker, former referee Tim White, Jim Ross, and Sgt. Slaughter recounted the untold story of the Hell In A Cell match between Taker and Mankind from King Of The Ring in 1998.

Foley starts by saying how on that day, Vince McMahon asked him if he’s been up on the cage during rehearsals and Foley said that he did, admitting that it was the biggest lie of his career up until that point. McMahon then asked Foley if he’s comfortable up on the cage, and Foley responded in the positive, which he said was the newest biggest lie of his career. Foley said that if he went up there earlier in the day, he would have never gotten back up because it was scary and he’s afraid of heights.

Discussing the huge bump from the top of the cage and through the announce table, The Undertaker said that it seemed like Foley took forever to fall. Referee Tim White mentioned the he almost had a heart attack when he saw Foley flying and then remembered that they had to raise the cage to bring a stretcher out, leaving The Undertaker on top of the cage as it was being raised. “It was so crazy, it was so loud in there,” Taker said, adding he didn’t know what was going to happen next as there was no way for him to communicate with the people down below from that height. Tim White said he reached out to Foley while he was on the floor to ask him if he’s okay and Foley gave him the okay sign and told him he wants to continue but Sgt Slaughter had other plans as Foley was being carried out and told him he’s not going anywhere except for the hospital.

But Foley, despite a bad shoulder, soldiered on and climbed to the top of the cage again for an unplanned second bump that could have been deadly. As Taker chokeslammed Foley on the mesh at the top of the cage, the panel gave out, sending Foley back first 15 feet down again. “That could have been catastrophic,” The Undertaker said. “I stepped off of the panel and onto the support bars. If I hadn’t done that we would have both gone through that together. So if you could imagine, if I had stayed on that panel, my weight would have probably been on him too. And then what happens? It’s a scary thought.”

Taker compared Foley to having “two really bad car accidents” but still had the fortitude to get back to his feet and finish the match. He said the thumbtacks were the “easiest part of the night” and it was the cherry on the cake for Foley to end up in a bed of thumbtacks. “It was a rough night for Mick Foley,” The Undertaker said while laughing.

Foley then recounted how after the match, Mike Chioda told him to stay put as the stretcher was coming in. Not recalling what happened earlier, Foley asked Chioda if he’d been already stretchered out during the match, to which Chioda said yes. Foley said he did not want to go out on a stretcher twice in one match and walked to the back with the support of those who came to help.

Backstage, Foley was greeted by McMahon who told him, “You have no idea how much I appreciate what you’ve done for this company but I never want see anything like that again.” The Undertaker said that that he couldn’t have asked for a better human being to do that kind of match with.

You can see the interesting 15-minute interview at WWE.COM.


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