The Undertaker added to 5 European events as part of the WM Revenge Tour


The Undertaker will be sticking around for a few weeks after WrestleMania as he has been added to the WrestleMania Revenge Tour in Europe.

He is the second big name announced for the tour after WWE added Daniel Bryan to the schedule who will be appearing at shows in a non-wrestling role of course. The Undertaker will be wrestling on the shows that he is booked for.

The Undertaker will appear in London on April 19 for Smackdown, Newcastle on April 20, Brussels on April 21 April, Paris on April 22, and Malaga on April 23. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan will be at the Smackdown in London on April 19, Belfast on April 20, Dublin on April 21, Sheffield on April 22, and Glasgow on April 23.

The two will be running on opposite shows apart from Smackdown.