The Rock suffers apparent injury at WrestleMania


The Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson saga continues as it is now being reported that he went home after suffering an injury during last night’s match against John Cena.

If he did suffer an injury, Rock surprised everyone by packing up and flying home and sources say the backstage atmosphere was in chaos as the creative team tried to cook up a new storyline to replace the one which he was supposed to be a part of with Brock Lesnar.

The said injury was never reported what it was or when in the match he thinks he got it.

Dwayne Johnson will be filming the new movie Hercules this month and obviously cannot afford any downtime due to production.

WWE is in full hyping mode for his upcoming movie Pain & Gain which comes out later this month. The movie had a spot during WrestleMania and is featured heavily on ads as well as on upcoming WWE television shows.