The Rock shows up on Raw and drives Brooklyn bananas!


When The Rock posted a message on Twitter saying he was in New York, alarm bells started to ring as WWE was also in town for Raw and when WWE and The Rock are in the same town, well, usually magic happens.

And this time it was no different as the former WWE champion showed up as a surprise during Raw in Brooklyn, his first appearance on WWE television since WrestleMania XXX and that epic opening with Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Dwayne Johnson is a busy man and was meeting with Time Warner executives yesterday during the day, even posting a photo of him inside the Time Warner headquarters.

But then, five hours later, “Let’s have some fun. LIVE in 3…2… #IfYaSmell #Surprise #RockonRAW #BROOKLYN,” Rock tweeted.

The People’s Champion interrupted Rusev and the sexy Lana and did what he does best, run his mouth, make the fans scream and laid the smackdown. You can see parts of the segment below.

Update: Full segment can be seen below although video might be taken down.