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The Rock says he is the head of the table!


During one of his many media appearances this week to promote the upcoming Black Adam movie, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was asked who really is the head of the table.

Asked by Erin Lim Rhodes of E! The Rundown point blank, The Rock didn’t think twice about the answer.

“Who is Head of the Table? Without saying any names, you’re looking into his eyes right now,” Johnson said!

The Rock knew what was coming next and was also prepared for the next answer.

Questioned if that confirms that he will challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania next year, Johnson laughed and said he’s not confirming anything!

“I am not confirming that at all. No. No, I am not,” Johnson continued. “Though I’m gonna get a text from him after he watches this.”

The Rock said that he would love the idea to face Roman at WrestleMania but there are a lot of variables in place and everything has to align for it to happen.

“But I’m a fan, because I’m a promoter at heart too, so I’m a fan of promoting an event and what could that be. So I love WrestleMania, and I love that world.”

What is interesting is that Johnson never said no to the idea and never said it’s impossible for it to happen… so there’s still hope!