The Rock returns on Raw and is interrupted by The New Day


The People’s Champion returned to Monday Night Raw last night and rocked the American Airlines Arena, first with a live one-shot segment where he interacted with The Miz, Rick Ross, Big Show, Lana, Rusev, and Pat Patterson before hitting the countdown to appear live in the ring.

The home town crowd welcomed The Rock with “this is awesome” chants before The Rock uttered a word in the middle of the ring. As Rocky got the fans pumped up for WrestleMania, The New Day quickly interrupted with their own entertaining segment.

A “Llama penis” chant later, The Rock invited the trio in the ring but The New Day had another idea – walk to the back. The Rock said plan A certainly didn’t work but plan B – family – will. The Usos then came out and beat up The New Day, who one by one got thrown in the ring and fed to The Rock. Xavier Woods was on the receiving end of two simultaneous super kicks and a spine buster followed by the people’s elbow.

It’s worth to note that Rocky went off script during his promo and decided to have some fun with four fans who were sitting at ringside dressed as The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, and himself. “The weed is good in Miami tonight,” exclaimed The Rock after asking the guy posing as Hulk Hogan what his name. In case you missed it, the dude replied “Brother.”

The Rock later went on Twitter to thank everyone. “An electric and unforgettable night,” he said.

You can see the two segments below.