The Rock and Ronda Rousey create special WrestleMania moment


There were plenty of WrestleMania moments during the show yesterday but perhaps the most memorable one was when UFC Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey decided to tag team with The Rock and stick it to The Authority.

The Rock dropped hints all week long that he might show up at WrestleMania and when Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were boasting about how they own everyone, The Rock decided to pay them a little visit to a thunderous Santa Clara pop. Stephanie McMahon did not appreciate it and finally slapped The Rock pretty hard and told him to get out of the ring.

The Rock obeyed, sort of, but then walked next to Ronda Rousey who was at ringside and Rousey decided to get in on the action as the crowd inside the Levi’s Stadium went absolutely bananas.

Dana White, the UFC President, was watching live from London, England. “:O” was his comment that he tweeted when Rousey jumped.

Brad Slater, the agent of both The Rock and UFC’s Ronda Rousey, confirmed to that the involvement of the duo was planned for months. Apparently, Dana White was in on it and signed off on the angle. ”I always, always call him and make sure he is OK with anything we ever do in movies, television and otherwise,” Slater told the MMA website.

“3am in London watching @rondarousey kill it with @therock at Wrestlemania,” White said in another tweet accompanied by a photo of him on the cell phone and WrestleMania playing on his laptop.

Fans on social media went berserk at the sight of Rousey and Rock taking on Steph and Triple H and asked the next question: WrestleMania 32? Who knows! Only time will tell.