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The Rock acknowledges Roman Reigns as his Tribal Chief!


The tension between The Rock and Roman Reigns has already started and seeds are being slowly planted again for an eventual collision between the two.

On Smackdown last night, Roman Reigns was visibly annoyed with The Rock around despite the two running the show but obviously, The Rock coming back overshadowed everything that Reigns has been doing.

Before the end of their very long in-ring segment last night, Roman Reigns said he’d do anything for family but wanted one thing from The Rock: to acknowledge him!

“Roman Reigns, my family, I acknowledge you as my Tribal Chief,” The Rock said slowly. He then stuck his arm out and the two shook hands and hugged as Roman looked relieved.

Fans chanted “you sold out” to The Rock before he went on to explain something to all the “idiots” in the stands.

“This is family. And we will do anything for family. Now go home and smoke some more crack,” he said, before going into his “if ya smell….” routine, stopping mid way to let Roman finish with “what the Bloodline is cooking.”

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