The Miz and Daniel Bryan in an explosive confrontation on Talking Smack


Talking Smack on the WWE Network which followed the live Smackdown generated more buzz than anything from the actual Raw and Smackdown shows this week due to an explosive confrontation between Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

“There’s no gentle way for me to say it, you wrestle like a coward, like somebody who is afraid to get hit,” Bryan told The Miz who was sitting next to him along with his wife Maryse. Bryan said that if he had to create a “soft WWE guy” it would be The Miz.

The Miz cut him off and said the reason he wrestles like he wrestles is because he can do it day in, day out for 10+ years and he has never been injured, and doesn’t get injured from “six months to a year,” a comment which was a dig at Bryan who’s been out for that long period multiple times.

“I’m here each and every week and you sit there and call me a coward?” The Miz continued, as he then stood up and got in Bryan’s face. “A coward? Let me tell you about a guy who tells the fans that he loves that he will be back…he promises them…but you didn’t Daniel, didn’t you. But I’m the coward?”

Bryan responded saying that if “they” would let him come back, he would come back. The Miz, all fired up, shot back. “You love wrestling don’t ya? Why don’t you quit and go to the bingo halls with your indie friends?” The Miz said, prompting Daniel Bryan to get off his chair and walk out of the show.

Renee Young, who hosts the show, tried to intervene but was told to shut up as Miz continued his fantastic promo.

Bryan and The Miz did not address the confrontation on their social media accounts however Maryse did and obviously sided with her husband. “Heroes stand up for what they believe in. Cowards walk away,” she wrote.

You can see the interview below.