The making of the WrestleMania 35 specially-designed heated ring


Having a WrestleMania in an outdoor stadium has its own fair of challenges, but none bigger than the unpredictable weather. Having a WrestleMania in an open air stadium in New Jersey in the first week of April increases the risks.

So how do you keep everybody performing warm? You create a heated ring. That’s what WWE master ring builder Mark Carpenter has done for WrestleMania 29 and again for WrestleMania 35. In a behind-the-scenes video uploaded on WWE’s YouTube, Carpenter describes the challenges of making such rings for WWE.

This year, the specially-made ring will be powered by six electric furnaces that will be placed beneath the ring. It will be insulated like a regular house in hopes of keeping the temperature in and around the ring to 70 degrees. Different ring posts will also be used that will have holes in them where hot air will be distributed from, keeping the Superstars and referee in cozy temperature.

There’s no telling exactly yet on what the temperature will be come April 7. So far it’s showing around 60° fahrenheit, which translates to approximately 16° celsius. Might be okay for fans in the stands who are clothed all the way, but the story is different for those WWE Superstars who are, well, half naked in the ring!

You can see the seven-minute behind-the-scenes feature below.