The Bushwhackers to be announced for the Hall of Fame tonight on Raw


Talking to New Zealand-based website, The Bushwhackers revealed that they will be going in the WWE Hall of Fame with the announcement being made tonight during Monday Night Raw. Luke Williams and Butch Miller will be joining Randy Savage, Rikishi, and Schwarzenegger so far in the class of 2015.

Williams and Miller started as The Kiwi Sheepherders at NWA New Zealand and also worked for Stampede Wrestling in Canada and the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. The two eventually moved their separate ways in 1981 and Butch was replaced by Jonathan Boyd to form the New Sheepherders but Miller returned in 1983.

The wrestled for several promotions throughout the 80s including Bill Watts’ UWF, WWC, Championship Wrestling from Florida, New Japan Pro Wrestling and the NWA. In 1989 they made their WWE debut as The Bushwhackers, transforming their style to somewhat of a comedy, licking fans and each other. The two remained with the WWE till 1996.

Throughout their WWE careers, the two had feuds with Rhythm and Blues, Bolsheviks, Rougeau Brothers, Natural Disasters, Nasty Boys, Beverly Brothers, and others.

The tag team never won a WWE title however they enjoyed big success as the Sheepherders winning multiple titles at different wrestling promotions.