The Authority back in charge in WWE


The whole Survivor Series Team Cena vs Team Authority match seems like it was for nothing as yesterday on Raw, The Authority made their return and will start 2015 in charge again.

WWE pulled the plug on the angle just after a month when Sting “saved” everyone from The Authority and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon raised a glass to the new year at the top of the ramp as the show went off the air.

The Authority were brought back after John Cena was forced to make a decision thanks to Seth Rollins’ master plan. Rollins threatened to Curb Stomp Edge on a briefcase unless Cena brings back WWE’s power couple as J&J Security and Big Show guarded the ring. Cena then saved his former rival, by announcing that The Authority can come back in power.

As per the Survivor Series angle, Cena was the only person who could bring back The Authority back to Monday Night Raw so at least WWE kept that part of deal intact.