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The American Nightmare turns into the American Dream at WrestleMania


After two long years, Cody Rhodes has finally won the big one in a fantastic main event at WrestleMania XL, a main event which had tons of interference and some old familiar faces return.

Rhodes hit his finisher three times to end Roman Reigns’ historic reign at 1,316 days as the champion, a reign which is highly unlikely to be ever replicated again.

Even ring announcer Samantha Irvin had a tough time announcing him as winner as she was overcome with emotion, with her voice cracking and visibly crying, same as Michael Cole, who timed his “finish the story” with the referee’s pinfall count.

The night was all drama and it was a special one for Cody, who was accompanied by his wife for his initial portion of his entrance and then celebrated with the likes of Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, CM Punk, John Cena, and his family in the ring.

Rhodes even brought out Bruce Prichard and Triple H at the end, saying they were the two reasons he is now in WWE and after the show went off the air, hugged WWE President Nick Khan at ringside.

Fans inside the Lincoln Financial Field were on their feet for most of the match and stayed until the very end to celebrate with the American Nightmare who can finally call himself WWE champion.

You can see the ending of the match below.

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