Terry Funk to induct Mick Foley in the WWE Hall of Fame


Mick Foley announced that his friend and former tag team partner Terry Funk will be inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6 in Madison Square Garden.

The announcement was made in a video on YouTube owned by Mick’s son Mickey. Foley said that such a monumental announcement could only be done on his YouTube channel but before he revealed the decision he asked his son if Bret Hart got a better ovation than him on RAW yesterday.

“I believe so,” his son replies.

“The man who will be inducting me into the Hall of Fame is Al Snow,” Foley first said, before his son replies with a “Really?”

Foley starts laughing but then said that his idol and mentor Terry Funk would be doing the honors.

You can see the video of the decision below.