Teddy Long makes surprise appearance on Raw


Holla holla! Former Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long made a surprise return on Raw last night and tried to make some whacky matches as only he could do!

Long appeared in the opening segment of the show between the Money In The Bank participants and showed his mic rust as he made a few mistakes while trying to get his point across. Stephanie McMahon interrupted his return and didn’t like that he called her a “baby girl.” Long eventually made other appearances throughout the show including suggesting the fatal 4-way tag match which Steph didn’t like…only to announce the match herself a few minutes later.

After pleading his case to run the live Smackdown again, Stephanie ejected Long out of the building.

Teddy Long had a long career with the WWE that started in 1998 as a referee. After a stint as a manager, he was given the Smackdown General Manager job and that of ECW. He was released from his contract in June 2014 after a full year off television. He returned in October of that year to make an appearance at the 15th Anniversary of Smackdown to confront John Laurinaitis.