Team Hell No reunites as Kane returns on Smackdown to save Daniel Bryan


Kane returned on WWE television last night to help his former tag team partner Daniel Bryan, saving him from The Bludgeon Brothers and reuniting Team Hell No in the process.

This was the first appearance for Kane on WWE TV since he won the Republican candidacy for mayor of Knox County.

In 2012, Kane and Daniel Bryan teamed up and the two had some hilarious skits on TV especially when attending “anger management” classes hosted by Dr. Shelby, resulting in a “Hug It Out” match. They are former Tag Team champions as well, having won the titles from R-Truth and Kofi Kingston at Night of Champions in 2012.

Kane got a huge pop from the crowd on Smackdown and then opened his arms to have a hug from Daniel Bryan, a gesture which was reciprocated as the fans chanted “Yes!” in the background.