SyFy TV schedule confirms Smackdown’s move to Thursday


The SyFy website lists Friday, September 26, as the last time Smackdown airs on a Friday night with the following week the show airing on Thursday.

SyFy has a schedule up until October 16 on their website if you search for Smackdown and the dates in October have October 2, 9, and 16, all on Thursdays.

Earlier this month we ran a story about how the WWE production trucks had updated decals for Smackdown showing “Thursdays 8/7c,” rather than Fridays but no official announcement has been made.

It was in Fall of 2005 when Smackdown moved to Friday nights with UPN putting the show in what many consider in the television industry the “death slot.”

When we reached out to SyFy’s Director of Communications three weeks ago to get a comment regarding the pending move, no reply was sent.