Swagger and Colter tape video message for Glenn Beck, Beck refuses invitation


Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger recorded a two minute twenty second promo challenging political commentator Glenn Beck to come to Dallas on Monday and face the “stupid wrestling people” on Monday Night RAW.

Colter – a gimmick played by Dutch Mantel – takes charge of the promo, explaining to Beck the different demographic they reach – males, females, African-Americans, Latinos, etc.

He tells Beck that RAW has been on the air for over 20 years and is the highest rated show on USA Network. They have over 60 characters – more than NCIS and Glee for example – and some of them are really likable, and some are detestable.

Colter explains how on their TVPG show they don’t have rape, murders, or guns, like every other prime time dramas. He says they look forward to continue showing provocative, funny, and sometimes controversial stories with characters with all backgrounds and beliefs.

The video was also carried on Beck’s TheBlaze.com website, acknowledging the invitation from WWE and how Swagger and Colter “broke character” to address Beck’s comments.

“Unfortunately, I am currently booked doing anything else,” Beck said in response to the invitation.

Another 5 minute unedited video also put on by WWE shows Colter and Swagger doing a promo, then the digital background is removed, showing the green screen behind them, and the two snap back into their real life personalities, introducing themselves with their real name, and explain to Beck that what he just saw was what they call a promo. After the explanation is done, they get back in character. It’s a great video to watch.

You can see both videos below.