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“Suplex City” Easter Egg in Goldberg’s WWE 2K17 commercial


Goldberg has been very very busy on Twitter over the past 24 hours ever since WWE announced that he will be a major part of the WWE 2K17 video game to be released this Fall.

Before the commercial aired, Goldberg wrote, “Wait for it…” and then tweeted “#IMNEXT!” after the commercial played. The former champ retweeted several comments from fans as well as official WWE accounts.

Cesaro said that he’s excited that Goldberg is “swinging by” and invited him to an uppercut party, a tweet that was welcomed by Goldberg himself who replied, “On my way.” Mark Henry also said that it’s awesome that Goldberg will be part of the game, with Goldberg thanking him and everyone else for their support. “Very humbling,” Goldberg said.

Meanwhile an “Easter Egg” popped up in the trailer and some fans who are very attentive to detail noticed the reflection of the sign “Suplex City” in the cop car’s window as Goldberg was being driven away. The Suplex City sign shows up at 1:09 of the trailer for one second.