Sunday Night Heat coming to the WWE Network library


The website is reporting that Sunday Night Heat is the next series that will be uploaded on the WWE Network with the first batch of episodes appearing on Monday, May 7.

The show aired for ten years starting in August 1998 on USA Network. In October 2000 it moved to MTV and then to TNN/Spike in April 2003 before moving exclusively to WWE.COM in September 2005. The last episode aired on May 30, 2008 and there are a total of 513 episodes of Heat in WWE’s library.

Perhaps Heat’s biggest episode came in 1999 during the Super Bowl 33 halftime show. It was titled Halftime Heat on USA Network and featured the empty arena match between The Rock and Mankind for the WWE title. That night, Heat did a massive 6.6 television rating.

It’s not known how many episodes will be uploaded in the initial batch but says that they will start from episode one from August 2, 1998.