Successful surgery for Paige


Paige underwent successful neck surgery yesterday at the Tampa General Hospital, a surgery performed by Dr. Juan Uribe who also performed the neck surgery on Nikki Bella earlier this year.

The former WWE Divas champion was quickly back on Twitter after she was out of the operating theater and said that she now has three screws in her neck. “The hernia was bigger than expected and my neck was straightened now this girl has 3 screws in her neck,” she wrote.

Paige also thanked Dr. Uribe, who she described as the “best surgeon out there,” and the hospital staff for their great hospitality. Fellow WWE Superstar Natalya was also by her bedside on her day off, something that Paige really appreciated, calling her a real friend. Her fiancé Alberto Del Rio is also present with her.

WWE did not acknowledge her surgery yet. There were rumors that the company did not want to pay for her surgery because they thought she didn’t need it. It’s unclear if Paige went ahead with the surgery anyway or if WWE eventually agreed to pay for it.