Strowman and Cruiserweights beat up Enzo after Raw goes off the air


Enzo Amore might be the Cruiserweight champion but last night on Raw was not a very good night for the “Certified G.”

After cameras stopped rolling, a pissed off Braun Strowman marched down to the ring an annihilated Enzo with a vicious power slam. On the way out of the ring, Strowman stepped on Enzo’s body and when he exited the ring, the entire cruiserweight division stepped in to continue the assault. Many of the guys hit their finishing move as Enzo ended up the night face down with the cruiserweights mocking him.

Earlier in the night, Enzo ran down the whole roster and that was followed by Neville beating him up as the 205 Live crew all got cheers while Enzo got booed.

Enzo is not liked at all backstage and has major heat with many in the back. The ending of Raw last night was pretty evident in tackling that issue.