Story claims WWE in talks with Warner Bros. to sell video library is carrying an exclusive story saying that WWE is in talks with Warner Bros. to sell them their whole wrestling library, which consists of nearly 150,000 hours of footage that dates back to the early 1950s.

The story, while it could be true, is a bit hard to believe as WWE’s greatest asset is their video library and the company has been working hard to always add footage to their ever-growing library.

The writer of the story says that the reason is because WWE Network has so far failed to lived up to the expectations and has been operating at a loss in addition to loss of revenue from pay-per-view.

A source close to Cinedigm, the LA-based company who distributes WWE videos, and who is knowledgable of the company’s contract with WWE, says that there is no “end date as of yet” but WWE is “transitioning away” from the library.

If WWE sells their video library then might as well they sell the whole company. The library is that much important to WWE which is why this story could well be a fake.

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