Stone Cold Podcast: Edge & Christian recap

Edge and Christian were the guests on the Stone Cold Podcast last night after Monday Night Raw and the three of them went for an hour and seven minutes discussing everything about their careers.

Austin opened the show and said that he always called Edge either Adam or Edge but always called Christian, Christian, and not by his first name of Jay. He asked what’s the protocol and Jay said that he can call him Jay, Christian, or Captain.

The three of them were last together at WrestleMania 28 although Austin remarked that at WrestleMania 30 he and Jay got drunk together and did not remember a thing the day after.

Austin tells them they went from rockstars to responsible human beings and fathers. Adam said that they have daughters six weeks apart and recounted the story how he told Jay that they’re expecting a baby and after a long silence Jay said that they’re expecting a baby too. He said that they didn’t plan on getting their wives pregnant at the same time! Adam says he now lives in Asheville, North Carolina, while Jay lives in Tampa, Florida.

Adjusting to normal life after getting out of the business was a bit tough as Jay says the it was a bit of a culture shock not having the same routine and didn’t know what to do with himself for most of the time.

Adam said that he was ready to hang up the boots and retired at the age of 37. He still had a year left on his deal when he retired and was planning on leaving anyway but it came faster than he expected. The Haven television producers saw his retirement speech and got him the gig on the show. He flew to Halifax for one episode and one episode turned into forty.

Austin said he had a serious question for them and got out two kazoos and asked them to play his theme song. All three laughed and then Jay reached from underneath the desk and pulled a little cowboy hat and guitar and told Austin they would do it as long as he sings Kumbaya for them in a retake of the hilarious angle with Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle several years ago. Adam and Jay start playing Austin’s theme with the kazoo and then Austin started singing Kumbaya with both guests clapping along.

The discussion turned to tag teams and Austin said that with the Dudley Boys back it turned up a notch. “They went where they went but this is home,” Austin said. Adam noted that The New Day is on fire and enjoys watching tag team wrestling when done right and he’s excited again for the WWE tag team division.

Austin then explains the “don’t look at me” game that the three of them used to pull on each other and recounted how once during Raw when Edge and Christian were tying him to the Undertaker’s cross, Jay told Austin “don’t look at me” and Austin flipped for getting him during one of the most important segments.

Both Adam and Jay said that when growing up their favorite wrestler was Hulk Hogan. Austin played a little “newly weds” game and asked Jay what is Adam’s favorite arena to wrestle in. He said Rosemont Horizon in Chicago and Adam said it’s correct and it was Jay’s favorite one too. He then asked Adam what Jay’s favorite match was and he guessed the Christian vs Randy Orton match but he was wrong as Jay said that his favorite was vs Alberto Del Rio during his World title run. Adam said his favorite is against the Undertaker at WrestleMania. They both called themselves as professional wrestlers rather than sports entertainers.

Discussion turned into the most embarrassing moment of their wrestling career. Adam said that he took a bulldog from the top rope and almost “bacon stripped” his white tights on pay-per-view. Jay said his came during the Invasion pay-per-view where he was supposed to jump of Adam’s back and over the top rope and on to two guys but he slipped cause of the sweat on Adam’s back and completely missed his landing.

Austin showed some video footage from TLC matches and Adam said that at WrestleMania 16 they had a blank canvas and no restraints. Jay went through the process of building a TLC match rather than having a car crash and Adam said TLC matches are always like tornadoes in a trailer park. Jay said that they were always willing to take the risk for the reward as the TLC matches put them on the map and catapulted them, often stealing the show. Austin mentioned Bubba Ray, Devon, Matt and Jeff Hardy as the perfect opponents or them. Jay said that the next day after TLC matches it was awful as they were very sore.

The host then asked about the Sexton Hardcastle gimmick that Adam originally had and when he told him to describe who Edge was at the time, Adam said he had no idea and that was the hardest part of the gimmick. He said originally the character was pitched to recite poetry wearing leather pants and a shirt. He then mentioned that Gangrel came along and it was the best thing for them as part of the Brood.

Austin said it was good to have them back here and asked if they miss it. Adam said he doesn’t yearn for it, but it’s good in bursts and it’s always nice to go home to the baby.

Adam said that they are the only tag team champions to have become World champions as well. He was surprised when he got the call for the Hall of Fame as it was just a year after he retired but he was not going to turn it down. He said he got calls from Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels who both said he deserved it. When Austin asked Jay if he feels he should be in the Hall of Fame as well, he said he’d like to think so but it’s not his call. Both Austin and Adam said that Jay should be in the Hall of Fame.

Michael PS Hayes came up in the next segment as he was very instrumental in their tag team careers. Adam said he thinks Hayes saw a little “Freebirds” in them. They both put over Hayes as someone who helped them a lot and listened to anything they pitched and said that that is another guy who should be in the Hall of Fame.

Austin brought up the wrestlers court, something that both Adam and Jay had to go through at one point. Apparently there were rumors that both of them had dinner at a head writer’s house which came out looking at being brown-nosers. The wrestlers court occurs backstage when someone breaks etiquette and “charges” are brought against the offenders. The Undertaker is the judge and JBL acted as the prosecutor. Adam said they both had a good defense story and went in and told everyone they had a book deal, leaving everyone watching the spectacle with their mouths open. They took out a mock cover of the book which was titled “Edge and Christian: Ass kissing our road to the top.” The good thing about wrestlers court is that the judge could be bought and the two went out and bought Taker a bunch of stuff as their settlement. When he saw the items, Taker told both of them that, “there’s not gonna be a blemish on your record, boys!”

Adam recounted the call he got from Vince McMahon telling him that his career was done. He said he didn’t know it was bad to that extent and Vince told him it was one of the most difficult calls he had to make. Adam said he felt sorry for himself for a bit but then again a big weight was lifted off his shoulder. Adam said Vince wanted to make sure that he heard the news from him rather than anyone else.

Jay said that the biggest impact Vince left on him was his dedication to the company and the fact that this is his life and does not get much sleep. “His work ethic is infectious,” Jay said, adding that when he had no clue what he was going to do when he went into singles competition, Vince was there to pump him up and give him support.

The two talked about their exit strategy from the business. Adam said he didn’t have any but then Haven came along and Austin said that Jay went to make a cameo on Haven, the show that Adam had a part on, and the show got canceled!

Jay went on to discuss how the ‘What?’ chant started. Austin left a voice message to Christian as he had no reception where he was and there was a bunch of ‘What?’ after every sentence. He then was backstage once and he heard Austin saying it during an in-ring promo and the rest is history.

When asked if they have any regrets, Adam said that he has no regrets at all and he has nothing to complain about. Jay said his only regret was participating in this podcast which got a good laugh but then said that like Adam, he has no regrets about his wrestling career. Adam said he just wants to be remembered and if fans put him and Jay in the same category as the Hart Foundation, the British Bulldogs, etc, then it’s mission accomplished. Jay said that no matter how many people were in the stands they gave it their all and jokingly said that he wants to be remembered as being a better wrestler than Adam.

Austin then asked to join them for a five second pose to finish the show as the podcast wrapped up.

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