Stomach virus lands Jerry Lawler in hospital before RAW


WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler was taken to the University of Maryland hospital in Baltimore, yesterday before RAW according to after he began throwing up and showing other signs of illness.

Lawler had some blood work done and other tests and was doing fine and was later released from the hospital after it was determined that he had a stomach virus. He went back to the arena before the show but was not used on commentary as a precaution.

Talking with the WWE App after coming back from the hospital, Lawler joked that, “after having a cardiac arrest you can’t even take a nap or somebody thinks you’re dead!” Lawler explained that he and his girlfriend went to eat for lunch and the food didn’t sit well in his stomach.

Lawler seemed to be in great spirits in the video and dismissed the whole incident as something that was blown out of proportion but after what happened to him on RAW with the heart attack you cannot blame anyone for taking the necessary precautions.