Sting talks after Raw goes off the air


The vigilante Sting showed up on Monday Night Raw last night to mess up the plans of The Authority as the group was about to attack Randy Orton in the middle of the ring.

When the lights went out and came back up, Sting, armed with a baseball bat, appeared side by side with Randy Orton and the two cleared the ring thanks to a chair and the bat. Sting then delivered the Stinger Splash on J&J Security and then hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Jamie Noble.

After Raw was over, Michael Cole interviewed the two in the ring and Orton said he doesn’t need anyone to help him out but, “that was pretty damn cool.” Cole then went over to Sting to get his first words inside a WWE ring.

“I’ve been waiting 14 years to get inside this ring right here,” the Stinger screamed. “And it feels smoking good by the way!” He then fired a warning to Triple H, his opponent at WrestleMania.

“And Triple H I meant what I said when I said somebody needs to take you down and that’s exactly what I’m going to do at WrestleMania!”