Sting happy to put opponents over at this stage of his career


Speaking to Rolling Stone while doing the media rounds for this Sunday’s Night of Champions, Sting  said that he’s happy putting guys over at this stage in his career after he was asked if he feels like he’s been brought in the WWE to do the job for others rather than enhance his own legacy.

“I had my time. There’s no question about that. For a guy my age to be where I am right now is, to me, next to impossible. And yet, I’m here,” Sting said. “It’s not about Sting, not anymore. You’re asking a straight-up question, I’ll give ya a straight-up answer. That’s it, and I am just fine with that.”

Sting defended the Raw promo from a few weeks ago where he put over Triple H, the man who beat him at WrestleMania 31 earlier this year. “Triple H is Triple H, and he’s worth the put-over,” the former WCW champion said, adding that despite that, his focus remains Seth Rollins and no one will think about that come Night of Champions.

Addressing the different portrayals of his character over the year, he said some people like the Joker Sting and some people hate it but he practices what he preaches as he tells the younger guys to step outside their comfort zone and try something different. He said that people still ask him to go to the blond Sting, to which he said he does not have enough hair for that anymore! Some people want the Crow Sting but either way, you can’t please everyone.

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