Sting discharged from hospital after CAT and MRI scans


Former WCW champion Sting was taken to a hospital right after his Night of Champions match against Seth Rollins and underwent a CAT scan and an MRI to assess damage to his neck after he took the turnbuckle powerbomb.

TMZ reports that no fractures were discovered but he was held overnight and was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. “He’s able to walk but is in significant pain,” TMZ wrote. The wrestling legend was supposed to be part of last night’s Raw broadcast but he went back home after he was released from the hospital. The website adds that doctors are not able to give a long-term prognosis yet.

Sting immediately fell after taking the powerbomb and couldn’t hold on to the ropes. Not realizing the damage, Rollins went for the Irish whip and instead of ducking the clothesline, Sting – who barely ran the ropes – collapsed and the WWE doctor had to go in and check on him after the referee ordered him in the ring.

You can see a video of the incident below.