Stephanie McMahon tries out Triple H’s entrance…and fails!


Triple H has pretty much got his entrance routine down to perfection, from his pose at the top of the ramp and spitting the water like a champ. But how good is his wife Stephanie McMahon at doing his entrance? Not so good!

Before Axxess opened doors to the public, Stephanie tested out the Superstars’ entrance section where fans can imitate their favorite WWE Superstars or Divas during an entrance and it’s video taped for their collection.

With Triple H watching at the bottom of the ramp, his music kicked in and Stephanie came out with a bottle of water in her hand. “Watch this,” she told him and she drank some water, shook her head like Triple H does and then the big finale….spitting the water. The only problem is that she spit the water up and guess what happened? Yep, she got a shower as the WWE crew standing around laughed.

You can see the video below. If the video doesn’t play go to