Stephanie McMahon “sure” that Chyna will be in the WWE Hall of Fame


A TMZ paparazzo caught up with WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon in the streets of New York City and asked the billion dollar princess if Chyna will ever be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I’m sure that we will see Chyna in the Hall of Fame at some point in the future,” Stephanie replied. “I’m not sure exactly what year that will be, but there’s no denying her contributions to WWE.”

Chyna often blamed Stephanie for breaking up the relationship she had with Triple H when their on-screen angle turned into a real life love story. Chyna also went on record saying that Triple H cheated on her with Steph while they were still together.

Up until her death, Chyna’s name was pretty much non-existent in the WWE due to her adult movies and during the Stone Cold Podcast last year Triple H said that Chyna’s chances of getting in the Hall of Fame are slim due to her line of work.

You can see the quick interview with Stephanie McMahon on TMZ below.