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Stephanie McMahon reiterates maximum commitment to WWE

Speaking during the conference call with investors yesterday, WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon reiterated her commitment to the company after one of the investors asked about her taking a leave of absence and then “forced” to come back when her father stepped down.

Stephanie described how she’s been working for WWE and spending time around the business since she was eight years old, modeling merchandise for the catalog and sitting at the receptionist’s desk at WWE HQ when her parents couldn’t afford a nanny growing up.

“I’ve worked my entire life for this business. I love this business. I took a leave of absence realizing that I needed a little bit of time with my family given the grueling schedule and nature,” McMahon responded. “I got about three weeks which is more than a lot of other folks get and I was not forced into returning as the CEO and Chairman in the interim position, I offered.”

Stephanie said this was an opportunity for her to come back and be a part of this company that she loves and have the opportunity to lead WWE.

“I believe into my core, I believe in the impact that we make on people’s lives. Not only growing the business, which I believe we have so many different opportunities to do has been laid out by all of us here speaking today. But because of the impact that we make,” Stephanie continued.

Stephanie confirmed that her father remains the controlling shareholder of WWE and “still has his eyes on what is the best for our business in terms of maximizing return to our shareholders of which he is the biggest shareholder.”

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