Stephanie McMahon fires back at Chicago crowd for CM Punk chant

With Raw in Chicago, it was inevitable that the fans inside the Allstate Arena would chant for CM Punk. And that didn’t take long to happen as in the opening segment as soon as Stephanie McMahon welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw, the fans started the usual CM Punk chant.
This time, however, Stephanie was ready to respond and acknowledge the crowd.
Looking at her watch, McMahon hilariously fired back. “So if you guys could keep that up for two minutes and 15 seconds, you’d last one second longer than Punk did.” And cue to collective “Ooooooooooh” burn from the crowd.

Knowing that the crowd would chant for Punk, Stephanie did her homework before coming out and had the response ready just in case the crowd started the chant…and they did not disappoint. McMahon was obviously referring to the UFC fight that CM Punk had against Mickey Gall, where he tapped out after 2 minutes 14 seconds in his Octagon debut.

You can see the funny video below.