Stephanie McMahon feeling the pressure for first match at WrestleMania


Stephanie McMahon has been pretty much part of every WrestleMania since her on-screen debut but believe it not, she has never wrestled in a match on the biggest wrestling show of the year.

That is going to change this year as she teams up with her husband Triple H to take on Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey, and McMahon is feeling the pressure.

“It’s quite a tall order but I’m very excited, I can’t wait,” McMahon told UK’s Sky Sports. “I am training harder than I have ever trained in my life and dieting harder than I have in my entire life.

Considering that the 41-year-old has to juggle her WWE corporate job, being a mom of three, and train for this match, McMahon said that she certainly has the work cut out for her.

“But, as McMahon, I do love a big challenge. It’s a privilege to be in that ring at WrestleMania and I just hope I can do my part,” Stephanie added.

And as for Ronda Rousey, the WWE Chief Brand Officer hailed her as one of the world’s greatest athletes, calling her “one of a kind.” McMahon said she can’t wait to see what the addition of the former UFC Bantamweight champion brings to continue to elevate the WWE women’s division.