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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H opposed WWE sale


A report on Axios stated that former WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque opposed the plan to sell the company.

Stephanie resigned in full from WWE earlier this week, paving the way for her father to regain control of the company. She also resigned from the WWE Board of Directors and now has no ties to the company except owning 2.5% of its stock.

Her husband Levesque remains the Chief Content Officer, at least for now, and continues to be in charge of WWE creative and talent. How long that lasts remain to be seen with Vince back on board.

The McMahons have always prided themselves in the fact that WWE is a family business and once the company is sold they would have no say over it.

Vince forced his way back into the company last week and is now in a position to negotiate a sale and a position for him if and when the company is sold. If Vince stayed on the sidelines during the sale, his power would have been evaporated which is why he forced his way back in the way he did.

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