Statue of Liberty replica erected above massive WM29 ring structure


WWE is building what is most likely the biggest set in WrestleMania history at the MetLife Stadium, including something new that has never been done before.

Similar to what was done at WrestleMania XX in New York, the backdrop for the stage will be the New York skyline with some 3D landmarks – including a replica of the Empire State Building – rising from the top of the ramp.

The new thing is that on top of the giant structure that covers the ring, there is a huge – and we mean huge – replica of the Statue of Liberty standing tall in the middle as the WrestleMania logos and the New York skyline covers all four top sides of the structure.

You can see a collection of photos of the set being built below.

Note: No one has claimed credit for these photos yet which is why there is no credit mentioned.

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