Stars and Stripes finale with Eve Torres tonight on NBC


NBC will be airing the two hour season finale of Stars Earn Stripes tonight which features WWE Diva Eve Torres.

Torres is one of the five remaining contestants on the show along with Dean Cain, Nick Lachey, Picabo Street, and Todd Palin. Previous episodes saw the elimination of Dolvett Quince, Laila Ali, and Terry Crews.

Tonight’s season finale is titled ‘Stolen Intelligence,’ and will see the celebs and their tag team partners execute a ship-board mission in a battle to win the show and money for their charity. Torres is playing for the USO, a military organization that WWE works closely with.

Torres has done really good on the show and last week was praised by General Wesley Clark for her amazing shooting capabilities. She is paired up with a former Army Green Beret Grady Powell, and the two have some good chemistry going on with the hosts pointing out last week that they look like a couple!