Smackdown TV report for 11/10/2023

Arena: Nationwide Arena
City: Columbus, OH

Kevin Owens is announced first as the special guest commentator for this evening due to the absence of Corey Graves who is celebrating the birth of his and Carmella’s baby boy.

The L.W.O. is out next. Rey starts out by welcoming everyone to Smackdown and saying he will do everything he can to get a rematch with Logan Paul. Carlito then comes out and wants to talk about Crown Jewel. He then blames Santos for leaving the brass knuckles on the apron. The rest of the L.W.O. held them back from fighting with each other and Santos left the ring. Rey and Zelina go after Santos and Joaquin and Toro talk with Carlito in the ring.

Bobby Lashley VS. Carlito

Great match but it was a spear from Lashley to get the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match the Street Profits and Lashley continue beating on Carlito. Santos Escobar back at ringside gets up on the apron but does not come in the ring until Rey comes out to run off Lashley and the Profits then as Rey pleads with Escobar that they are all family and checks on Carlito. Escobar attacked Rey and kicked Carlito out of the ring and then leans down and grabs Rey by the mask and yells at him. Rey fires back and slaps Escobar to the apron and goes out and helps him up but Escobar shoves Rey into the ring post. Escobar yells at Rey, I love you, you were my hero, you made me do this. Zelina comes out and yells at Escobar and he backs away as Joaquin and Toro help Rey and Zelina holding her hands on her head.

Santos Escobar was walking in the back with a suitcase, when asked why he attacked Rey, Santos stopped and said he had it coming. And walked out of the building.

Bayley is out to the ring next. She says everything she wanted for Damage Control came true with winning Ms. Money in the Bank, WWE Women’s champion. And she wants Iyo to come out and talk like adults about Kari Sane returning at Crown Jewel. Iyo comes out with Sane and Dakota Kai. Iyo told Bayley she had her own plan to retain her title. Dakota told Bayley they brought Sane into Damage Control to make it stronger. Sane says she respects Bayley as leader of Damage Control, and she forgives her for how she beat her up when she was last in WWE.

Bianca Belair comes out. Bianca says she doesn’t forgive Damage Control, so she is going to have to beat all three of Damage Control. Charlotte Flair comes out to stand by her side, then Asuka.

Dragon Lee VS. Cedric Alexander

Another great match between these two but it was a knee to the face and a spinning slam move for the win.

Winner: Dragon Lee

LA Knight comes out and got the microphone and said Crown Jewel didn’t go as expected and he could come out and say he was sorry but says it was Jimmy Uso that robbed him of his win at Crown Jewel. He said they say you have to go to the back of the line but nah, nah I am not done with the Bloodline and the Bloodline is not done with me.

Grayson Waller interrupts him and says stop embarrassing yourself. He said maybe you are just not the guy. Knight says hey look everyone it’s kangaroo jackass. Waller asked him do you really think you belong in the ring with Roman Reigns? Knight says I got a question the Grayson Waller Effect sounds like an STD and got dropped by a Saudi movie star at Crown Jewel and he is out here asking me questions. Knight tells him you are in the ring with an angry, frustrated me and I am going to take every bit of aggression on you as I beat you into the mat while everyone tells you who’s game this is. Knight hits Waller with a microphone and the fight spills out to the ringside area and Knight dumps K.O.’s water on Waller and Michael Cole says looks like Waller is already all washed up.

LA Knight VS. Grayson Waller

Good match with Knight hitting the BFT for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

Kevin Owens kept having them show where he punched Waller and Theory both in the face at the same time and using the telestrator and Theory and Waller come out and get in Owen’s face and pour water over his head. Owens’ said he can handle them pouring water over his head but not throwing the empty bottle at Patrick. Owen’s goes after them and gets them back in the ring, but Theory rolls out missing a stunner, but Waller grabbed Owens and gets a stunner.

Jimmy Uso says LA Knight you say your not done with the Bloodline, you want me next week Yeet. He gets a call and says yes Tribal Chief and then he said. No Yeet.

Kairi Sane, Iyo Sky & Bayley VS. Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair & Asuka

With Charlotte down, Bianca reaches to Asuka for the tag, but Asuka refuses and blows the mist in her face and Asuka hugs Kairi Sane and then a group hug for Damage Control and Asuka. Charlotte then comes in and gets mugged.

No Contest

Shotzi comes in to help Bianca and Charlotte. But Damage Control leave all three lying in the middle of the ring as the five women of Damage Control stand with hands raised and feet on the down Superstars.

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
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