Smackdown TV report for 10/27/2023

Arena: Fiserv Forum
City: Milwaukee, WI

Roman Reigns was making his way to the ring and LA Knight interrupted his entrance and walked right past him to the ring for the contract signing. Reigns and Paul Heyman stand there in amazement.

As Heyman gets in the ring he steals Knight’s seat and moves it to the head of the table and before Reigns gets in the ring Knight sits down in the seat.

Knight tells Reigns it’s time to sign the contract and sign that title away. Knight quickly signs the contract and slides it to Reigns and says here you go chief. Reigns starts out by saying hey idiot, you must be stupid. Reigns asked if he ever had a contract signing or even a championship match before. Reigns signs the contract.

Aldis said thank you gentlemen and good luck at Crown Jewel. When Roman gets up to leave, Knight stops him and tells him if he underestimates him because it’s his first time for the WWE Universal Championship, he is already beaten. As Knight continued, Reigns upset the table on Knight and began beating on Knight. Reigns runs Knight into the corner post and goes out and gets a table and sets it up in the ring.

As Reigns picks Knight up, Knight reverses and stomps Reigns down and Jimmy Uso comes in and attacked Knight. Both Reigns and Heyman tell Jimmy to get him, but it was Knight who slams Jimmy through the table.

The Street Profits VS. Carlito & Santos Escobar

With the match going on, Rey Mysterio was watching backstage and Logan Paul attacked Rey. Carlito ran to the back to help Rey, leaving Santos alone a blind tag by Dawkins who hits the Revelation with the help of Ford for the win.

Winners: The Street Profits

Heyman has one of the new NFL Green Bay Packers titles and tells Roman he is going to give it to LA Knight because that is the closest he would get to a WWE Title. Jimmy Uso comes in and falls on the couch and Reigns asked where he was, and Jimmy said trainers’ room and Reigns tells Jimmy he has to deal with it tonight and Jimmy says he is on the IR tonight and Reigns tells Heyman to make the match official.

Logan Paul was asked why he sucker punched Rey after showing him so much respect last week. Paul walked away from the interview and runs into Kevin Owens. Owens then turns and gets into an argument with Grayson Waller and Austin Theory and Owens tells them he wanted to punch them both in the face at once. After getting separated Owens comes back and decks both at once.

Dragon Lee was being interviewed when Cedric Alexander comes in and challenges him to a match tonight. Lee accepted and they shook hands.

Shotzi VS. Chelsea Green

Green hits Shotzi with a missile dropkick and then taunts the crowd and finally leans back to pin Shotzi but Shotzi rolled Green back and pinned her.

Winner: Shotzi

John Cena is out next to talk about his one-on-one match at Crown Jewel against Solo Sikoa. He says the energy tonight is special but it’s serious for him and it hasn’t been this serious for 20 years when WWE wanted to fire him. He said for the first time in 20 years he is worried about losing the fans’ support and respect. Cena says the only thing he can do is win and it’s a must see.

Paul Heyman comes out and he is out here for respect. Heyman thanked Cena for the last 20 years and Heyman said he was the one that picked him from OVW for Smackdown. Heyman tells Cena he is as great on the microphone as anyone ever has been. But Roman Reigns proved he is not the greatest of all time in the ring anymore. But he won’t win at Crown Jewel. He can’t win his must win match and Solo Sikoa came in and attacked Cena. Solo leaves Cena lying in the ring after a Samoan Spike.

LA Knight in the back tells Heyman he tells everyone to worry about messing with the Bloodline, but the Bloodline needs to start worrying about who they are messing with because he is going to pull Jimmy Uso around the ring later by his pigtails until he tells everyone who’s game this is. L.A. Knight Yeah.

Cedric Alexander VS. Dragon Lee

After several reversals Lee hits Alexander with an inverted DDT and gets the win.

Winner: Dragon Lee

After the match the men shook hands and Alexander raised Lee’s arm.

Bianca Belair is out to the ring next. She said while she was rehabbing her injury the only thing she could think of is what was she going to do to get back at Damage Control and it was a plan she took to Nick Aldis today and she is getting her rematch for the championship at Crown Jewel, but next week on Smackdown she will take out Bayley.

Jimmy Uso VS. LA Knight

Knight hits a superplex and then the BFT for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

As Knight celebrated the win, Roman Reigns sneaks in the ring and goes for a spear but Knight moves and Reigns hits the turnbuckles instead. Reigns goes for a punch. Knight turned it into a BFT and leaves the Tribal Chief lying in the ring.

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Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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